New Rome Outstanding Vanguard Mutil-function Series Watch


In addition to retain the traditional outstanding Vanguard series on the design of fine tradition, the new excellent multi-function series brings more solid deep design style and material texture. Generous circular dial with slender hands is the best adhering to the adornment style of Rome, rigorous style of the dial design, men will be distinguished, show the temperament of the standings. Original made in Swiss multi-function sapphirine crystal quartz movement set in abrasion resistance and stainless steel watchcase, continue to implement the Roman table quality, adhere to the concept of good material to make. Every a genuine leather strap after craftsmen the complex working procedures, poured their neat and organized ‘attitude, careful and meticulous, conscientious and meticulous tabulation. 50 meters waterproof function configuration, make the excellent ornamental watch adds a remarkable and practical function.




Concise and elegant line, innovative design and high quality material blend traditional craft and modern technology, make the watch every detail of the perfect, is love at first sight. New excellent multi-function series, the main five different casing and strap color collocation, give a person with pleasing visual experience. Designers of the use of a variety of color, more appropriate to reveal the unique of successful men, bearing extraordinary quality, make it in the wrist casual show charming deep and unique charm.


A new wave of fashionable Korean dramas “you from the stars” quan zhixian full-on goddess


Girls are crazy about Korean dramas, also because Korean beauty makeup or clothes, can always bring about wave and wave of fashion. Recently in “you” from the stars, quan zhixian with beautiful fashionable quickly grasp person eyeball, the role of clothing also earn ratings.


Necessary TOP1: goddess temperament coat


 新一波时尚韩剧来袭 学全智贤女神范儿


The quan zhixian of Paul Smith this white coat is impressive, in each episode end confession when its visibility is very high. Quan zhixian of temperament is both elegant and pure and fresh, the modelling plasticity is very strong. White woolen cloth coat is basic of the coat, but don’t ignore it because its basic design. White coat blue scarf is not only comfortable and warm, plaid scarf is very academic, so let you become elegant star dress up easily!



 新一波时尚韩剧来袭 学全智贤女神范儿

Collocation is recommended:


Derek Lam, wool blended cashmere coat $3040.13


Givenchy two cuff sequins printed jerseys for $3081


J, backing Brand901 low-rise jeans at $323.97


Stella McCartney leopard jacquard scarf $390.67



 新一波时尚韩剧来袭 学全智贤女神范儿

This pink suit coat a DKNY appearance will capture the attention of girls love the, fiery speed can “think” in yoon eun hye before and comparable in jiangnan pink lipstick. Red plaid shirt dress in a red coat collocation, along with the gender collocation is very bright eye, bright colors make people look energetic, also perfect set off the quan zhixian suddenly and violently temper in the play.



 新一波时尚韩剧来袭 学全智贤女神范儿

Collocation is recommended:


DKNY mei red suit of $1336


DKNY sequined silk blended georgette dress is $625.19


Gianvito Rossi suede ankle boots is $969.81


Charlotte Olympia organic glass box hand bag $1365.05


Necessary ranked by the goddess: declined to a low profile



 新一波时尚韩剧来袭 学全智贤女神范儿

The TOP STAR in the quan zhixian playing STAR friend’s wedding dress up, wiping a bosom of sexy lace skirt collocation aura complete outside the black suit, absolutely become the focus of the scene. The wedding is the key, is one of the important scenes will be rapid advance plot. Can see stylist to quan zhixian all aura is tie-in, really bother to work hard.


 新一波时尚韩剧来袭 学全智贤女神范儿


Collocation is recommended:


Dolce & Gabbana compose ACTS the role of cotton blended lace cape of $5808


Dolce & Gabbana lace dress $4831.63


Givenchy flower printed leather shoes of $956


Kotur holographic coating kam snakeskin hand bag for $587.87



 新一波时尚韩剧来袭 学全智贤女神范儿

In the past the collocation of south Korean female stars to attend the activity, quan zhixian is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated actresses harvest. But all this celine detonation is wearing some of it is too late, after all, in the early autumn already fire again start a prairie fire. However, the “China travel style” or make enough attention, can put the bag through the style of actress estimate also not many.

 新一波时尚韩剧来袭 学全智贤女神范儿



Collocation is recommended:


Celine knitting coat


By Malene Birger falbala washed silk blouse at $402.67


Victoria phenomenon splicing jacquard and silk blended pencil skirts $1671.12


Saint Laurent suede and ankle boot $1416.53


Goddess necessary TOP3: don’t forget the pure



 新一波时尚韩剧来袭 学全智贤女神范儿

Quan zhixian of bud silk dress in a white hollow out at you from the stars “conference, quan zhixian of both elegant and youth temperament is very suitable for such collocation. Quan zhixian of above knee length will be a pair of beautiful leg to show, not only highlight good is the overall slender figure. All pure white dress collocation bright red light mouth high-heeled shoes, both elegant and amorous feelings of all kinds, and Kim soo-hyun stood together is really a pair of beautiful combination.


 新一波时尚韩剧来袭 学全智贤女神范儿


Collocation is recommended:


Diane von Furstenberg lace mini dress is $521.8


Valentino scallop edge leather shoes $836.96


Maria Black Fine Jewelry18K gold $1200 staged a diamond ring


Alexander McQueen printed satin fabric hand bag for $479.92



 新一波时尚韩剧来袭 学全智贤女神范儿

The modelling of the quan zhixian is protean, she is well known outside the TOP STAR, but she will have more at home. Can wear brightly colored cute pajamas, pink flowers with slippers that occupy the home also can like this comb horsetail change naked makeup is offering a pure young girl. Sweet satin shirt Look restoring ancient ways, with pride and luxuriant “thousand of Iraq” in contrast, let the audience in the charm of she changed.



 新一波时尚韩剧来袭 学全智贤女神范儿

Collocation is recommended:


ALICE by Temperley lace edging chiffon blouse is $549.90


SEA pleat crochet lace miniskirt at $648.82


Rosantica pearl immersion plating silver hoop $503.40


Gianvito Rossi cortex high-heeled shoes is $704.12

Geya send Liu Kaiwei “Love” wedding watch for blessing

January 8, Liu Kaiwei and Yang mi wedding ceremony is held in the beautiful island of Bali. One afternoon before marriage, the two clasped hands in Hong Kong airport, Yang mi shy sweet smile all the way, a bride-to-be. I saw her riding flat shoes, wearing loose clothing, “pregnant” flavour is dye-in-the-wood. Yang mi in addition to gold with BVLGARI handbag, left hand ring finger giant 5 carat is steam eyes.

As you progress through the wedding, two people of the wedding pictures have also been exposed, attracted a lot of friends and fans blessing. And Liu Kaiwei endorsement of the table, the brand strategy in earlier conference and its world debut in 2014 new product awards, for the couple in advance on a pair of “love” marriages table as a blessing.

Of table given new couples to the table, “love” to bring this to Jennifer, wishes at the same time, also wish all shall be well, jack shall have Jill. Behind this beautiful warm entertainment news, the rise of Chinese domestic watch brand also show the tip of the iceberg.

Watch the global storm surges, domestic high-end watches outlook

At present, Chinese market radically, watch the global situation. Domestic watch face consumption upgrade new opportunities, domestic brands on the rise. Numerous domestic representative brands, are trying to through brand reconstruction, seize this rare opportunity, upstream.


Homebred brand watch more and more get of consumer love

“In this rare market changes, we are firmly seize the domestic brands superior opportunity.” The high-level leader of watch introduces to the reporter. While also coincided with the 20th anniversary of the founding of of, “of vision is to become innovative and pragmatic and win the market of domestic famous brands, we have already start the brand building strategy, redo brand positioning, strengthen the brand communication.” In the new conference of 2014, 2014 new watch – “love” of, of watch also released the company brand strategy in the future.

In 2012, according to a report of the watch industry market, Swiss luxury watch brand in the Chinese market encounter cold, Swiss watch of mainland China imports decreased by 18.7%, compared to the imported high-end brand watch sales sharply “to be” more than 30%. Luxury in China Shanghai, many foreign dealers began watches on sale, multiple watch stores empty rooms.

Of course, this does not mean China watch the consumer market is declining. It is predicted that the market has a capacity of about 30 billion ~ 40 billion yuan, among them, the high-end watch market share accounted for about 7 billion ~ 10 billion yuan. Data show that the average American wear model is 25%, compared with developed countries is about 18%, while China’s per capita wear model is only 5%. It can be said that China’s high-end watch market outlook is still optimistic.

In fact, behind the Numbers change, is the change of the consumer trend, the economic slowdown and the “three restrictions” for high-end imported watches was overshadowed, the rise of domestic brands. In the face of such opportunities, good neri has 20 years of successful operations witness watch market ups and downs of executive said, “we have elegant turn round in the competition, can meet better market opportunity, calmly.”

“Great army” monarch ‘path, practical exploration of innovation path

Of brand was founded in the 1990 s, when the whole China’s watch industry into an embarrassment, eliminated mechanical watch, quartz watch imported brand “great army”, all products have to cut prices and falling down; Although restructuring free system, they throw away the history and culture and brand, in order to stay in business, many state-owned enterprise transformation for watches with OEM parts, assembly, production is given priority to, thin margins. At this point, of watches from wenzhou, sold for the first batch of Chinese brand watch. Jas, meaning “style of life, elegant demeanor,” so to speak, of from the beginning of the birth, stood on a high starting point positioning, advocate a new way of life and life attitude, as well as some foreign big shop sign the road had been done, aim at out of a pragmatic private watch enterprises growth path.

This is another David tried to challenge the giant goliath. In a few short years, with the wenzhou people unique spirit, lattice luhya quickly mastered the clock and watch the key to brand building, product development and professional assembly. On the one hand, improving talent quality, on the one hand, continuously expand the business landscape, export markets abroad. By 2008, and had become a famous trademarks of guangdong province, and invited to participate in global watch industry “Oscar” Basel international horologe exhibition.

In front of achievement, of top is not satisfied. In domestic watch manufacturers the dance with foreign brands, top of keen observation to the problems of China’s watch industry, remind employees to in time of peace prepare for war. “Is a movement, although there is a great progress in recent decades, but in domestic and foreign big shop sign there are still a considerable gap. At present, the domestic watch must attach importance to technology accumulation and innovation in the core technology.” Of high-level said, of course, to solve this problem, the efforts of the enterprise is on the other hand, at the same time, under the background of countries policies to expand domestic demand, government support, policy supporting is very important also, integrate the resources of the whole industry, to change machine imports.

To comb brand positioning, enhance added value of Chinese traditional culture

Of more concern is another question: homogeneity. The international brand positioning each have emphasize particularly on, such as the long history of culture, Swiss watch sell precipitation; Japan’s table to sell technology, high-tech watch renovates ceaselessly; But what is special about Chinese table? Product homogeneity, brand image, sales channels, homogeneity homogeneity, this is the common faults of domestic table, homogeneity cause they can only sell material, taking all price, channel, into a vicious competition.

“In the new market environment, watch brands should pay attention to the consumer to watch the product quality and cultural connotation, principle of shift tabulation, management ideas and profit model, to meet the psychological needs of consumers.” Of high-level said they hope with Chinese entrepreneurs struggle spirit, out of the Swiss watch industry, with Japan on the world watches.

In 2012, the watch of their own brands to the carding and positioning, in order to find the most accurate target customers, excavate the unique brand features.

For consumption characteristics of high-grade table, will target customer orientation in the intellectual community, and create the brand personality of intellectual, elegant, gentle, joker, delicate, comfortable is the main task of its products. In order to adapt to this part of the crowd is XiuXianHua fashion trends, of creatively create a “dress leisure table” product category, the combination of brand spokesperson Liu Kaiwei video image, deduction of “elegance model case, hidden wisdom in the mind” brand story. “Leisure dress table” combined with the orientation and leisure concept, perfect deduce not only nowadays modern fashionable taste in clothes and accessories, at the same time pay attention to satisfy their wearing a wrist watch.

Find the location, will enrich the brand. Marketing experts often say that contains the brand in the 4 p, including Product (Product) is the primary element. Of high-level also believes that quality is life, a good quality to create a good brand, “China does not lack of technology, we also no shortage of talent, we want to change the part of the americans on domestic table technology backwardness, rough traditional recognition.” He hopes of let people know that domestic watch is not only the representative of the quality, but also a clock and watch brand with Chinese characteristics.

And constantly improve the quality, its research and development and design team are also increasing. Company requires each product must have a design concept, has a story, a moral, also must want to target consumers, to grasp the target consumer psychology. Of originality is performed in the reference of Chinese traditional culture, such as the trial launched “chrysanthemum patterns” series, “mask” series table, they have a big foreign brand beyond the reach of Chinese amorous feelings.

At present, the watch of annual output value of nearly 700 million yuan, with 1600 sales outlets in the country. But of top is not satisfied, and they think that as long as with the help of a good channel, can of faster growth, the channel is electronic commerce. Back in May 2011, and has been in electronic shopping online such as taobao, jingdong, “electricity sales are growing very fast, some product sales growth is surprising.” Top of said. Due to actively looking for more and more close to the customer contact point, at the same time pay attention to brand planning and packaging, etc., of online sales, such as not long ago this year “11” double electric commercial war, of the watch through the implementation of e-commerce sales. Of watch, said an official with the electrical contractor during the period of “11” double this year, more than 100% of sales growth, advantage is very obvious. According to of electricity controller introduces, in days of mainstream platforms such as cats, jingdong have open electrical business channels, electricity next year will further expansion, sales to reach 50 million. Electricity sales of the company is better than 5% last year, the target is 12% next year. ”

When so many China horological enterprise content to do OEM, still in the homogeneity product, the channels of homogeneity grapples with price competition, of always looking at the stars, and attached to the traditional hand, hand pointing in the direction of the future.

New Year new atmosphere wear most ram slogan shirt on first!


Not fresh goods, he is always welcome, nice, nice wear signs jumper is such a “civilian” fashion item. You can use the Slogan on the fleece show personality attitude, also can use the brand letter of fashion taste, such as wear Brian, Lichtenberg (Brian Lichtenberg) spoof big series of young people must be a heart full of rebellious spirit, love of Kenzo (Kenzo comes) letter fleece fans may be a dare to love to wear a big play. Even dress designers can’t help but in spring/summer 2014 fashion week added a slogan fleece leisurely, in passing fashion discourse at the same time, these relatively affordable and affinity joker fashionable goods is not the most popular fashion item?


And editing a poster to see signs of clothing on the 2014 spring and summer fashion week: Christopher Kane (Christopher Kane), spring and summer dress show launched two letters fleece, relaxed mint green and lavender jacket to skirt collocation fastens with color, leisure and fashion, also do not break the girl’s gentle taste; King Alexander (Alexander Wang) although only push a slogan fleece, but joined the tulle illusion blouse, did fashion and fresh feeling, will be popular with fans;


Paul&Joe “Paul” fleece, set up in the blue shirt, under the pale blue lace skirt collocation, bring a person relaxed and comfortable literature and art.


Kenzo (designer) Kenzo comes Humberto Leon and Carol Lim play head is tired of the fleece, only brought at the spring/summer 2014 women’s clothing show a map of ocean and letters of coloured drawing or pattern printed tops, you love not love? Takahashi shield UC (Undercover) implanted in his new series, dozens of slogans, fleece, even with the fluorescent letters effect of avant-garde fashion, but into the details, such as bowling shirt width of the short version of the jacket long and loose t-shirts, maybe it is difficult to cause the resonance of the Asian girls. MoSiJiNuo (Moschino) captures the “slogan” the fashion concept, but show in general deformation of set in the model, with the word “Moschino” large shopping bag, or “deformation” as the slogan t-shirts, skirts, swimsuit, etc., it is the insufficient stunt more practical.

New Year’s party season opening coat + dresses collocation

Coat + skirt outfit look 1


Demonstration star: Kim yun-jin


Tight skirt collocation points: silver sequins fashionable and sexy, red coat collocation more royal elder sister temperament, leopard hand bag and riveting high-heeled shoes is very high, more powerful aura.



Recommend item:


1) Top shop red wool blended overcoat is RMB 999


(2) the H&M grey knitted tight skirt is RMB 199


(3) forever 21 black suede riveting high-heeled shoes is RMB 209


(4) Top shop black diamond plaid one shoulder bag is RMB 399


Coat + dresses look 2


Demonstration star: Olivia


Tie-in points: the collocation of the printed tie-in enough to see Olivia capability, the same as color of different decorative pattern two sheet is tasted, black high-heeled shoes heel is red hair bulb, sexiest subtleties of their productions.



Recommend item:


(1) the force when the printing shirt is RMB 499


(2) the printing force when the bust umbrella skirt is RMB 1090


(3) red flip Top shop chain bag is RMB 149


(4) nine black sequined high-heeled shoes is RMB 599


Coat + skirt outfit look 3


Demonstration star: XiMengYao


Tie-in points: long print dress has the temperament, tie-in hale locomotive leather coat and black boots, mix the streets wind more show willfulness.



Recommend item:


(1) the Mango black lamb wool locomotive leather is RMB 699


RMB 4499 (2) the Tory ‘Burch grey printed dresses


RMB 399 (3) River Island black metal short boots


(4) forever 21 RMB 159 black imitation leather shoulder bag


Coat + dresses look 4


Tie-in points: blue dress highlights the breast line and waist line, hem USES the design of umbrella skirt, more perfect curve, plus the boyfriend jacket and red high-heeled shoes, concentrated, more show delicate details.



Recommend item:


RMB 699 (1) the Mango black waist coat lapels


RMB 839 (2) when the force purple long-sleeved dress


(3) Top shop black one shoulder chain bag is RMB 139


RMB 269 (4) nine purple suede high heels


Guess you also like beauty network:


Woolen cloth coat winter sweet date + dress dress up


Long wear woolen cloth coat thin not bloated up to keep warm


Coat and skirt outfit look a five


Demonstration star: Lin Yun son for the first time


Tie-in points: black dress + black coat + wave point gray silk stockings + white sneakers


Coat + dresses look 6


Demonstration star: Wu Yuner


Tie-in points: beige turtleneck + pencil skirt + long leather coat + black boots, black chain bag




Coat + skirt outfit look 7


Demonstration star: Li Min katyn


Tie-in points: black dress + red long woolen cloth coat + black stockings, high heels black + serpentine handbag


Coat + skirt outfit look 8


Demonstration star: Olivia


Tie-in point: white sweater + white stripes umbrella skirt + double-breasted woolen cloth coat + + black pencil pants, short boots printed hand bag


Coat + 9 dresses look


Demonstration star: Freja Beha Erichsen


Tie-in point: white stripe dress + of camel’s hair woolen cloth coat + ginger plaid scarves + wave point silk stockings, black high heels


Coat + dresses look 10


Demonstration star: Kim kardashian


Tie-in points: gold satin dress + yellow woolen cloth coat + aureate high-heeled sandals

Queen HeZhiYuan turns into fashion queen through the modern



Queen, queen HeZhiYuan modern fashion modelling 1: pullovers + pleated skirt + short boots


A big red frontal pullovers, mirror the very best absorption, with red and blue colours pleated umbrella skirt, a pair of black with short boots, highlight slim, like HeZhiYuan pullovers beam into this skirt to wear, very popular revolt, like the kiss can learn!



Queen, queen HeZhiYuan modern fashion modelling 2: print dress + black bag


This print dress, black knit stitching, decent, with shiny silver necklace, more have the effect that make the finishing point, wen wan elegant.



Queen, queen HeZhiYuan modern fashion modelling 3: package hip dress, high heels and evening bags


HeZhiYuan dressed in a white bag hip dress, supplement black high-heeled shoes, pure sweet, metal chain stitching, absolute classic atmosphere, show the breath of a saint.


Queen, queen HeZhiYuan modern fashion modelling 4: vest bag hip skirt + high-heeled sandals


HeZhiYuan wearing the mei red dress sends out a variety of charm, temperament high-heeled sandals with high temperament, more feminine flavour.



Queen, queen HeZhiYuan modern fashion modelling 5: strapless dress + with high heels


Strapless dress with white, deserve to go nude heels, sweet and elegant, the waist Mosaic style is very unique, send out a thick woman breath.



Queen, queen HeZhiYuan modern fashion modelling 6: pleated dress | + heels


A simple pure color dress, place very fashionable elegant pleated skirts, black heels, want to wear out the model fit is so simple.


Queen, queen HeZhiYuan modern fashion modelling 7: a strapless dress + shawl with coat + small package


HeZhiYuan wearing a strapless gown with white, deserve to go up white cape coat, show the queen van, white embroidered add temperament, raise your hand is cast sufficient between reveal elegant charm.



Queen, queen HeZhiYuan modern fashion modelling 8: dust coat + shirt + shorts + platform sandals


A color change of brief paragraph trench coat, inside a white shirt, a very personality of supplement, an orange shorts, sandals, deserve to go up white thick bottom is nifty and show beautiful leg.



Queen, queen HeZhiYuan modern fashion modelling 9: small suit + T-shirt + pencil pants + wedges


A forest green suit, deserve to go up the green pencil pants, very eyes, the slope of broken beautiful sandals are very romantic, very rural wind.



Queen, queen HeZhiYuan modern fashion modelling 10: down jacket + knit + leggings + short boots


HeZhiYuan wearing a yellow jacket inside a pale yellow sweater, teamed with black leggings, highlights the roll up ankle black boots, smart and handsome.

Freezing winter ten heart warmed tide product

Cold winter, cool trend can also be warm, fashion is unstoppable, ten warm stomach, make you stand out in the crowd, warm heart turn single PinWan street in winter.


Throw away the ugg boots: ERUSROF golden women’s casual shoes


Winter cold, throw away the ugg boots, refused to freeze, this is give you the feeling of warm little princess ERUSROF golden doug shoes, YOHO! Paul strongly recommend ERUSROF available senior buyer’s new classic doug shoes, simple clipping style never out of style one hundred, inside of the collocation of leather and gold, infinite chao fan is very lovely.


Classic red plaid winter: LAL plaid smiling face flannel shirt


Fashion higher-ups winter may not want to, the way of doing YOHO! Available original tide brand with classic red plaid on plot, warm red and dark green plaid, cooperate with the smiling face of the chest pocket pretty nifty, passing the optimistic and positive energy, have heat preservation effect and velvet lining, is enough to warm your heart.


Cotton texture: the joining together of ITR splicing cotton vest


Into The Rainbow, this vest is a great place is The color of The bold and unrestrained, but present a unique texture. On behalf of the life of its own will, free. This goods in YOHO ITR! The stock has reached sales list.



Rational warm between black and white: 04 N3B quilted jacket


004 newly released military wind series cotton-padded jacket, don’t see is the rational between black and white color, simple design for the warmth of the people’s indifference, in 004 joined the design details of the elements, and add a warm, stylish has a temperature. It should be said that this neri joined sandwiched between cotton, cotton and use a computer to make seemed very stick take between cotton and fabric, wearing sex is stronger.


The most stylish warm stomach content: CHOCOOLATE x full version printed fleece MILO cooperation model


If you want to be a cute and tide merger’s much-anticipated fashion icon! Milo: CHOCOOLATE x you must not miss! Pattern design mainly: CHOCOOLATE words as the foundation, at the same time joined the five different modelling Baby Milo design, cute and stylish, absolutely satisfy your different fashion sense!


Variation of camouflage unique charm: ENGAME hooded fleece printing horn female model


Common blackish green camouflage isn’t enough to satisfy the tide leader changed the mood, the ENGAME unique mutations camouflage printed patterns, enough to make you shine in the crowd. Hat department also adopted the shark cap collocation small horn decoration, add fun, simply is tie-in, can build a street fan.


Paint and mei red tide about: Dr. Martens 8 Eye Boot Patent Lamper pink


What is the most can represent warm color? Must be sweet mei red and dazzle beautiful coat of paint, add more color to life. Dr. Martens this season series in the 1460 classic shoes type of coat of paint, on the basis of the classical paint material, gorgeous dazzling, is absolutely your winter warm heart is preferred. YOHO! In a senior fashion editor to evaluate this product is: “let the ordinary people put on immediately turns into a star.”



Monochrome winter, color knit: Mr. STORE hand hat with pink fairy rainbow striped collar


If the colours and joining together can reflect your unique fashion style, then mix knitted big scarf can be your indispensable sheet is tasted, Mr. STORE handmade hats using various wool materials is the color of all sorts of powerful and unconstrained style combined with the traditional knits technology, attentively knits the various series of design features.


Warmer winters is tie-in, of pet in power: the clouds cat scarf factory


Of modelling of pet must be the great love winter, cat scarf collection modelling are full of creativity, combined with the design of the warm, give you a warm winter lovely tide.


Sense of space shape, beautiful future of winter: PROTEST fashion ugg boots


Takes you through the future of the journey, want to come in the winter of a sense of space, the PROTEST fashion ugg boots is the most suitable, shiny PU material, adjustable thread gluing, artificial short plush inside, easy collocation, simple fashion is winter warm blood!


Bronzing skeleton of melting ice and snow: mojo bronzing pink bowknot skulls individuality creative backpack


Wearing bowknot is handsome skeleton of ethnic group, continued the skeleton feelings, bead light green skeleton reflects the different levels of gradient effect, an arrangement of pink small skulls of weaving design the bright pink bow on the top of the head, increase the emotional appeal of warm, never miss qiu dong joker real products.